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Why Burbank Editorial?

Achieve excellence. image

With the expertise and talent of the Burbank Editorial group, you can have your media projects looking their best.

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Project Services

For your post production needs. image

Let us handle all your post production. Whether you are a small or large media project, Burbank Editorial is here to help.

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Cost Effective

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Utilizing an effective post production system, Burbank Editorial can get your project finished for less time and money!

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Filmmakers come to Burbank Editorial to enhance their vision and let it evolve into the soundscape it was meant to be. By collaborating with our team of sound artists, which are some of the most experienced talents in our field today, we will strive to bring your story to life.


Filmmakers large and small now return to Burbank Editorial to continue to learn and to be inspired, to collaborate with the most experienced and dynamic collection of creative and technical talent ever assembled, in the uncompromising pursuit of helping filmmakers bring their vision to life.

We would be privileged to welcome you into the community of notable filmmakers who have come to know Burbank Editorial as a vibrant and sustainable source of inspiration and creative satisfaction.


For priviledged access to our services, portfolio, information and demonstrations, please be sure to sign up today for more information. Once approved you will have access to our priviledged information and services.