Why Burbank Editorial?

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With the expertise and talent of the Burbank Editorial group, you can have your media projects looking their best.

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Project Services

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Let us handle all your post production. Whether you are a small or large media project, Burbank Editorial is here to help.

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Cost Effective

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Utilizing an effective post production system, Burbank Editorial can get your project finished for less time and money!

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Burbank Editorial

Named after the city in which it was based, Burbank Editorial has become a leading post-production company in the Burbank, Hollywood and Los Angeles areas. Employing the skills and knowledge of some of the industry’s finest professionals, Burbank Editorial strives to be the best in post production services.

The dedicated team of Burbank Editorial are all experts in their field, many of whom have over 20 years of experience in feature film and television post production. Many of our team members have been nominated and won various awards throughout the industry such as: Emmys, Golden Reel Awards and more.

Excellent Quality

Utilizing some of the best technology and strategies available, Burbank Editorial strives to finish every multimedia post production project on time and at a cost effective price. Providing the best quality post production services that the project needs to become a smashing success.

Whether you need quality ADR, foley, dialogue assignment, picture correction, film editing or other multimedia post production needs be sure to contact Burbank Editorial today for a complimentary consultation.