Why Burbank Editorial?

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With the expertise and talent of the Burbank Editorial group, you can have your media projects looking their best.

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Project Services

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Let us handle all your post production. Whether you are a small or large media project, Burbank Editorial is here to help.

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Cost Effective

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Utilizing an effective post production system, Burbank Editorial can get your project finished for less time and money!

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At Burbank Editorial, high quality post-production services while still maintaining your target budget. We use a wide range of facilities that enable us to provide a wide arrange of post-production services. Combined with our creative talent Burbank Editorial is able to provide quality sound supervision, sound design, editing, foley, adr, and much more.

Professional Multimedia Audio Services


Burbank Editorial offers filmmakers access to an amazing list of experienced Supervising Sound Editors and Designers, who will align with you to bring your project through to its completion.

Whether you have a full-length feature, series, or an independent film, our supervisors will take the same special care of every process along the way. Our team will make sure you’re involved in each creative aspect every step from the very beginning. You will be given on-line cinema screenings of crucial scenes of your story for approval. From ADR Lines to Sound Design, you will be given the opportunity to be a part of your soundscape like never available before, with our state-of-the-art online system. It's like you’re in the next room. That kind of flexibility is something few filmmakers have readily available today.  We know you’re busy, so we bring your needs to you whether you’re at home or at your office. Your Supervisor will guide you through to the final mix both on time and on budget.

Sound Supervising


Our award-winning sound effects designers have years of experience designing sound for films. Our team will put their creativity to work to give your film that special sound it needs. Whether it's one sound effect or a whole “Sound-scape” , you will hear the difference when we’re done. By collaborating with your music composer you will also feel the difference as your story comes to life.

Sound Design


Sound Editing is an integral part of the post-production process. We have the creative talent to take care of every aspect of editorial including ADR, dialogue, Sound effects and even music. Getting these things right is crucial to getting your project done correctly and our editors are prepared to take on that task.



We offer our clients the ability to benefit from our strong relationships with the ADR departments of our affiliates in Burbank, Hollywood, West Los Angeles and even New York. This gives you the flexibility of being where you need to be to fit everyone’s schedule. No matter where in the world your talent is located, we can find a facility to set up an ISDN session to get quality ADR completed for your project.


Our Foley is equally efficient with some of the best stages and Foley artists in the field. The quality is guaranteed.

Foley and ADR Sound Services


Burbank Editorial knows that the key to creating an original sound track is having the right tools. Our Sound Effects Library is vast from years of work in the industry and continues to grow as our team records that special sound that’s missing just for your project. 

Sound Effects