Why Burbank Editorial?

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With the expertise and talent of the Burbank Editorial group, you can have your media projects looking their best.

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Project Services

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Let us handle all your post production. Whether you are a small or large media project, Burbank Editorial is here to help.

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Cost Effective

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Utilizing an effective post production system, Burbank Editorial can get your project finished for less time and money!

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Awards and Excellence

With the expertise and talent of the Burbank Editorial post production team, you can have your feature film or television series looking and sounding their best. Burbank Editorial provides the best in post production sound and film services. Our team of industry professionals combines technical knowledge, vast experience and the latest technology to deliver some of the best quality post production services in the Burbank, Hollywood and Los Angeles areas.

Burbank Editorial works with you to achieve results. We strive to fit within your budget and remain competitive and cost-effective without sacrificing the integrity or quality of the project. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and you will see why you should use Burbank Editorial for your feature film or television post-production needs.