Stay cost effective

When attempting to create any multimedia project - whether it is an indie film, summer blockbuster movie, reality TV show, an animated short or audio track – maintaining a realistic budget is always very important. For a producer, finding ways to stay within budget while not sacrificing quality is key. Burbank Editorial strives to be cost-effective for every project they receive, often times accomplishing their post production goals under the target budget and days ahead of time! Thanks to the experience and expertise of our post production specialists, Burbank Editorial can deliver quality results while still staying within the project’s budget. You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget to get Hollywood results. Be sure to contact Burbank Editorial if you are interested in saving money on quality post production services for your next multimedia project.

Academy AwardsThe 87th Academy Awards turned out to be quite an exciting event. There were some clean sweeps with “The Artist” taking multiple awards.


Some very well deserved awards were given to some fine feature films. The creative talent at Burbank Editorial always takes notes of Oscar winning movies and gleams from them ways to improve their own techniques at post production. This ensures that every multimedia project we receive gets the very best in post production treatment.

84th Academy Awards

The 87th Academy Awards are just around the corner. The team at Burbank Editorial is always excited when the Oscars come around, because we can see some of the best movies, films, and features that Hollywood had to offer last year.

Every year the most buzz around this event goes to the more prominent awards such as: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, etc. Being post production specialists we often keep an eye on the more technical awards like best sound editing, best sound effects, best film editing, and best in music. There are many exciting nominees this year, and we will wait to see who ends up getting the awards.

Sound Editing Technology

Post production is some of the most dynamic and exciting work behind the creation of movies, television shows, animated features, and other multimedia projects. Burbank Editorial takes pride in providing some of the best post production services, with some of our talented sound designers, editors, and post production specialists having been in the industry for over 30 years.

What’s changed the most in multimedia post production has been the technology. As the technology advances, so does the scope of film production advance in new and exciting ways. Staying current with the cutting edge in film and audio editing technology is a top priority for Burbank Editorial. Our teams of creative post production talents are always studying the usage and techniques behind the latest technology to stay up to par in their craft.